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Healthy Aging Month: September Brings Opportunity for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Sep 8, 2020

September often brings with it a break from the summer heat and the first glimpses of fall—football, harvest, and even changing leaves if the weather is right—making it the perfect time for Healthy Aging Month. The annual observance is set to celebrate the positive aspects of getting older and the time of year offers a great opportunity to get outdoors, develop new hobbies with your health in mind, and even head to the doctor for a wellness visit.

A primary care provider is available to help area patients 45 and older evaluate their health and consider changes they can make to improve and maintain their health. September is Healthy Aging Month and it’s a great time to pick up new habits and hobbies that can strengthen both physical and mental health. The summer is coming to a close and people have come back from vacation, kids have gone back to school; it’s an opportunity to take some time for yourself and develop new routines. It’s never too late to make changes for your overall health.

The observance focuses on general wellness including social wellbeing along with physical and mental health, and consulting physicians recommend several changes to consider including:

  • Exercise– Taking regular walks or hikes with a friend to maintain physical health while staying social and keeping the mind engaged. Taking up a practice such as yoga or tai chi can improve balance and agility, helping to prevent falls later in life.
  • Dietary changes– adding certain foods to your diet that are high in fiber can aid in digestive and heart health. Try adding new herbs and spices to your diet as well, to expand your palette and help with taste buds that may be dulling.
  • Trying new things– Taking a class or a volunteer position can keep you active and social, as can learning a new game or hobby and joining a club or organization.
  • Sleep well– Consider reducing caffeine intake and screen time in the evenings to help you rest better at night. A good night’s sleep can improve overall health and boost energy during the day. Seeing a sleep specialist may be helpful to those with more severe sleep disruption.
  • Stay organized– Taking the time to slow down and organize certain aspects of your life can go a long way to improving your memory and maintaining your mental health. Making lists and sticking to routines can keep you on track and on time throughout the week, reducing overall stress.

Making healthy changes doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your life. Some things may take more adjustment than others, but a few things here and there that fit into your schedule can go a long way towards improving your overall health. If it improves your quality of life down the road, it may be worth making the effort now.