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Labor & Delivery

Labor & Delivery Suites

The Family Center includes four birthing suites for labor and delivery, including a large suite for the birth of twins or multiple babies. Each suite provides a home-like environment with comfortable beds, new linens just for Maternity, deluxe bathrooms with walk-in showers, sofa, sleeper/recliner, free Wi-Fi throughout the hospital and flatscreen TVs.

Mother/Baby Rooms

After your baby is born, you can rest, relax and begin to bond with your baby in one of our 13 private mother/baby (post-partum) rooms. Just like our birthing suites, they include a bathroom with walk-in shower, sofa and flatscreen TVs.

After Baby Arrives

At Forrest City Medical Center, caring for you continues after your baby is born. After the months of planning and preparation are over, you both deserve some rest. We encourage mom and baby to room together. We offer you and your new family an hour of quiet time immediately following delivery so you can bond, nurse and celebrate with your little bundle of joy.

At Forrest City Medical Center, the comfort of moms comes first. Anyone is welcome to visit, but when a mom wants and needs rest, a team member will kindly explain that she’s requested some time alone. We encourage extended family and friends to call ahead and ask the nurses for a convenient time to make a brief visit.

Forrest City Medical Center is a Bronze Certified Safe Sleep Hospital

In qualifying as a Bronze Certified Safe Sleep Hospital, Forrest City Medical Center has developed and maintains a Safe Sleep Policy. Staff working on units serving infants and children under the age of one year have been specially trained on infant safe sleep. In addition to receiving infant safe sleep training, our staff also provides infant safe sleep education to the parents of all our infants prior to discharge. Click here for Safe Sleep Tips for infants from Cribs for Kids.

Maternity Services

Maternity Services

Need Copy. Learn more about maternity services at Forrest City Medical Center:Learn more about jaundice:mobile iconCall 870-261-0286 Related Services and Conditions



When you breastfeed, you not only provide the necessary protein, sugar and fat to keep your baby healthy, but you also give your baby protection from earaches, common colds and potentially serious diseases. As illnesses such as measles continue making headlines,...

Safe Sleep Tips

Safe Sleep Tips

Always place your baby alone, on his or her back, in a crib for every sleep time. Always use a firm, flat sleep surface. Car seats and other sitting devices, swings, wedges, and devices that position baby on an incline are not safe for routine sleep. Use a firm sleep...