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Plan Ahead for Healthy Holiday Eating

Why wait until New Year’s to make a healthy resolution? Instead, why not try now? From pecan pie on Thanksgiving to cocktails on New Year’s Eve, it can be rough getting through the holiday season without gaining extra weight. To help keep yourself in check, think...

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Manage Your Food, Manage Your Health

Diet Matters -- Particularly for Those Dealing with Chronic Conditions Why does diet matter when you’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic disease? Eating right is not only a part of disease prevention, but also disease management. Everyone’s nutritional needs are...

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Five Symptoms that Point to a Hernia

An estimated 20 million hernia repairs are performed globally every year according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Most people have heard of this common condition, but not everyone understands what a hernia is and how to recognize one. In the...

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